Monday, July 2, 2012

USA Week

Admittedly, this week we did not do so many of the usual activities to learn about a country, such as crafts and books.  However, we did have visitors from a strange and faraway land called "California", Steph and Brian.  We were very glad they took the time to come see us on their way to Kenya!  They even gave Eva a wallet from Mexico with US money inside!  Here are some photos from the week:

Here is some food originating from the US.  Sadly, we were all afraid to try it :)
Here are some books from this week.  Eva loves learning about Native Americans.  One of her favorites is Yakari.  We rented a tiptoi pen and book from the library, and Eva loved it!  It is an interactive system with songs, stories and games.  We used the English book this week, but there are many themes we can explore!  Below is a video of Eva "interacting" with the book!

It just so happened that during US week we went to the US and German Embassies in order to get Emma's passports.  Technically, it was her first time on American soil!  We were all frisked and the stroller was swabbed for explosives.  Her US passport hasn't arrived yet, but here is a photo of her German one!
 And now a few photos from our visit with Steph and Brian:

Sleepy girl!

Steph and Brian in the Berner Muenster

At our local swimming pool

At the Gurten Kid's playground

Eva and her BooBoo

In Fribourg

Bundeshaus in Bern

Zytglogge in Bern

Berner Muenster

Waiting for the tram!

The bears cooling off in the river

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  1. Hello Vanessa, Eva, Emma, and Daniel!
    Another great episode added to your blog! The photos are lovely and also the video of Eva "interacting". You seem to have had a very good time with your friends from that strange land California, and I am sure they enjoyed it. I certainly enjoy your blog and look forward to the next episode. Tschomana