Saturday, May 12, 2012

Australia Day 2.

G'day, mates!  Today the weather was beautiful and warm!  Summer is just about here!  Eva had another dance lesson, and really had a great time again.  It is safe to say she is not shy anymore at class!  Emma also wore a little tutu to class, which the other kids (and moms) loved.  This class also gives Eva a chance to speak English with other kids, which is nice (although since she is fluently bilingual, I am not sure she even notices when she switches back and forth).  For crafts, we made a cool boomerang that Eva painted and put stickers on.  Eva also learned about Aboriginal dot paintings and made a few herself.  We made some Australian ANZAC biscuits that did not come out so well.  I guess I am 0 for 2 this week in Australian cooking.  While we were at home, a hot air balloon flew over our house.  We talked about how the air is lighter when it is warmer, making the balloon float.  Mind boggling.  One of Eva's favorite moments was learning about her father's months in Australia.  She was in awe of all the things he got to see and do.  Today, the priest came by to talk about Emma's baptism.  The only problem was, Daniel had told me the wrong day, and when he came home and saw us talking at the table, he thought I had let in a salesman!  Haha!  I have to admit, when he first arrived, I knew I recognized him from somewhere, but couldn't place it!  We must seem so strange to him :)

Eva wanted a quiet moment with Emma.  Sadly, Emma didn't feel like cooperating.

Eva and Emma before leaving for dance class
Eva making her version of dot painting, using q-tips

Eva's completed painting

The hot air balloon.  The building to the right is the Inselspital, where Emma was born!

Getting ready for dance.

The boomerang

The biscuits.  We still ate most of them even though they had the consistency of laminate flooring

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