Friday, May 4, 2012

Pangea Day 2

Today was a very busy and fun day!  We first set up our prehistoric brine shrimp aquarium.  We will be checking in day to day to see when they hatch and how they grow!  We also did some dino crafts and then it was off to our first trial dance class!  Eva loved it as you can see, and I was surprised to find that the class is taught in English and German.  Most of the moms are American or British, so it was nice for me as well!  Eva enjoyed doing the dance moves, so I right away ordered a dance uniform and signed her up or more classes!  She was very excited to show her dad all the moves she learned, such as the flamingo walk (see video) and the penguin.  We also built a volcano out of salt clay, and learned about the words lava and magma.  When Daniel got home, we did a science experiment making the volcano erupt!  We mixed vinegar and baking soda to make carbon dioxide.  Eva looked a little surprised at the giant eruption, take a look at the video!  (I forgot to warn Daniel to not put the entire contents of the vinegar in at once!)  I have to say I am sad dino week is over, but next week we have big plans to visit....Australia!
Our Prehistoric Brine Shrimp!  Eva was very excited about this!

All of our reagents for the brine shrimpery
The eggs are in!  We will keep checking to see when they hatch!

Eva cut out pieces of a Brachiosaurus skeleton and assembled them in the proper order. She used her stegosaurus skeleton from the day before as a guide.

Eva was a little shy at first

Getting in the swing of things.  Aren't the kids all so adorable?

Ready for nap?
When we got home, we discovered Gramie had sent us one of our favorite things.  Stickers!  Yahoo!

Forming our volcano

These poor dinos don't know what they are in for!

Eva decided she wanted to save her volcano, so we can repeat the experiment this weekend

Books we read at nap and bedtime.
Melting soap for another project...we added red and yellow to the soap to make an amber color

We poured a bit into cellophane-lined muffin tins.  Once it hardened, Eva placed a bug on top of each soap.
We added more soap on top....
And now we have bugs trapped in amber! We learned about howamber preserves insects from one of our books

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