Sunday, May 6, 2012

BEA expo

 Ok, these first two are not BEA-Expo related, but they are really cute.  Emma has long monkey feet, and Daniel took a nice photo to capture this!

Taking the tram to the BEA Expo.  Even though we have our car here, you usually can't beat the public transportation system!  It dropped us off at the entrance to the expo.

Eva visits all the animals, and makes sure each one feels loved :)

Making friends with piglets

Eva was in awe of the horses.  I made a joke that it would be more exciting if they jumped through rings of fire, and they actually then did that!

Ferris wheel.  Eva and Daniel rode on it, while I remained on solid ground with Emma (whew glad I had a baby as an excuse)

On the swings, Eva's expression went from nervous, to happy, to slightly ill :D


Delicious pure sugar
As promised, here are some photos from the BEA expo.  This is a big exhibition that shows off what the Bern area has to offer.  There are also carnival games and rides, and lots of terrible, tooth decay-inducing foods.  For my New Englanders reading this, it is like the Big E. 

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  1. Well, it appears as though Eva is following in her mother's footsteps except that she seems to have a high interests in LIVE animals!