Friday, May 25, 2012

Pond and Ocean Week

Hello everyone!  This week we were busy learning about things having to do with water.  In order to learn about water animals, we went to the Tierpark Daehlhoeltzli, our very own zoo in town!  Eva and I played a game where she had to guess which animals live in salt water and which live in fresh water.  When asked what her favorite animal was, Eva exclaimed "All of them!"  How inclusive of her!  The flamingos are near and dear to my heart as I got to meet some of them last year, getting up close and personal with their feet!  Then we did some physics experiments with water and learned all about frogs.  We visited a freshwater marsh to learn about this very special type of ecosystem.

Looking at the flamingos

Eva climbs on everything!

One of Eva's favorite exhibits of the day: Renovation


To infinity, and beyond!

Our trip to the marsh, or Loermoos


I found this little critter on the bridge to be worthy of a photo :)

Now realizing that I should have taken this photo from another direction, as she is completely in shadow

One of two frogs we saw

Mami und Emma


Eva enjoyed peering over the edge of the walkway to examine all of the beautiful plants and the wildlife

In this video you can hear the sounds of the marsh!

Here is Eva running around sprinkling fairy dust on all the other children in dance class

Here is Eva showing her dance teacher her booboo from earlier at the zoo.  She speaks total Swiss German, which sounds so cute!
Here is an experiment we did: Eva had to hypothesize whether items would float or sink.  She correctly chose the ones in her "float" pile, but some of her "sinkers" actually floated!

We learned all about frogs, and then Eva put these cards in the correct order for the life cycle. I love the word "froglet"!

This fantastic idea reminds me of the puzzle from last week.  See, it says for years 8-14 on the box, but Eva does lots of activities that are meant for older kids.  However, I could barely put this together.  It is basically the toy equivalent of Ikea furniture, except the pieces don't fit together unless you use brute force.  I was sweating by the time this little frog skeleton was built!

This frog was cute.  Eva cut out the template, and I cut that out of felt.  Instructions are here:

Eva watching tadpoles develop into frogs.  Thanks, youtube!

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