Monday, May 7, 2012


This weekend, we spent some time at the playground and doing some neat experiments at home.  Overall, a very relaxed weekend.  Emma turned a whopping 1 month old!  Sorry, I am bad at taking photos of her, because I am usually wearing her in a sling!  I have to get better at getting some photos of her, because she is changing so fast!  Oh, and the FC Koeln went down into the second league Bundesliga.  That was not so great. 
On top of the world!
Having fun with Papa

This Naturgesetze kit we bought from Kosmos has many neat experiments for young children.  The best part is the instructions are listed in simplistic pictures, so Eva can figure out for herself each step of the experiment. 

Examining the seeds we just watered

Time to learn some physics, kid-style!  Eva learned that when we spin the color wheel, our eye cannot discern the various colors, and instead we see white.  See the video below!

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